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Story:They Saw it Coming

07 March, 2018 | Stories

We had warnings but there was nothing that could be done. Everyone knew that there was no way to stop the disaster that decimated our planet on that day. It was known from the beginning, as soon as it was first detected that this was a bigger event than any we had ever experienced in the past. We had been assured that the effects would only last a few days at most. That's what we were told.

That's not what really happened which brings us to this journal entry. May this be my last journal entry? I don't know. These days you really don't know what is going to happen today and cant be sure what might have happened yesterday.

Its those damn time shifters again, dammit.

Where was I, oh yes. Things have been very bad since the event. I call it an event because there is no other explanation for it. It's not what you think but we will get to that in a little bit. For now.....

Dammit, what!?

Am I going crazy? Maybe. But thats the fun part. You would be crazy too if you had been through all of the things we have. From the time shifters to going hungry, the crazy humans and animals for that matter. Half of the world went crazy, well the ones that survived. But sometimes I wonder if leaving this mortal coil would be the best answer? But then I stay, because this is where I was born, my home, my planet, our planet, at least for the few of us that are left.

When it happened we thought we were prepared and we were. We were prepared for what the scientists told us was coming, what we were not prepared for and neither were they is what came with it. But Im getting ahead of myself, lets focus on why I am writing this when there may be no one to read it ever. Well maybe this is what keeps me from going crazy. I get a little closer every day.

What!? Not again!

I don't know how much time we have left. I may skip some details but here we go as best as I remember.

In the country where I live it was daylight when it happened. A space telescope that monitors the sun detected a huge solar storm. They said it was stronger than the normal solar storm. They called this a coronal mass ejection. This is when the sun burps and throws off a huge amount of material from the surface. Generally this is bad in its self with the problems it can cause but this one was different. This one was very different and they knew it.

They knew it but would it have made a difference if we knew any sooner? No, there is nothing anyone could do but we had no idea what to expect. What had initially been predicted were satellite and power outages that may take a month or more to repair. Since these storms happen so fast after they are detected there was really no time to prepare. What little time there was saw people clearing out grocery stores, emptying gas stations, robbery, theft and generally what you would expect when most of the world is in chaos. I admit that I made a run on a grocery store just to make sure I would have a little bit of food and water.

First the communication system started to break down, cell phones quit working, the internet was soon to follow. Next television satellites started going off-line, no more news. Then the power grids started shutting down, everything was going dark. It had been theorized that this may even go so far as burning up almost all electronics in the world... It would have been better it if had.

When all was said and done the whole planet was dark. Then it started.

The attack was totally unexpected. We came to call them time shifters as we ran from them time and time again. What else could you call them?


Here they come, hopefully I can make it back to finish this.........